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DlgModule Class Reference

#include <dlg_module.h>

Inheritance diagram for DlgModule:

DlgNode DlgNodeGfx DlgRect

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Detailed Description

This class contains a dialogue, made up of elementary nodes and (optionally) sub-dialogues. It is different from the other nodes as it contains a complete dialogue, but can also be part of another dialogue.

Definition at line 34 of file dlg_module.h.

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
 DlgModule (std::string p, std::string n, std::string u, std::string d)
void draw (GdkPixmap *surface, DlgPoint &offset, GtkWidget *widget, mode_type mode)
void extension (int &min_x, int &max_x, int &y)
void grow (int x, int y)
int index ()
DlgRect inflate (int x, int y)
mode_type mode ()
int module_id ()
void move (DlgPoint &p)
int node_id ()
 operator GdkRectangle ()
bool operator< (DlgRect &rect)
virtual bool operator== (DlgPoint &point)
void resize (int width, int height)
void setID ()
void setIndex (int i)
void setMode (mode_type m)
void setPos (const DlgPoint &pos)
node_typetype ()
void update (GtkWidget *widget, DlgRect &area)
 ~DlgModule ()
Node insertion
void addNext (DlgNode *node)
void addPrev (DlgNode *node)
Node handling
void addNode (DlgNode *node)
void deleteNode (DlgNode *node)
bool deleteNode ()
DlgNodedeselectNode ()
DlgNodegetNode (DlgPoint &point)
DlgNodehighlightNode (DlgNode *node)
DlgNodeselected ()
bool selectNode (DlgNode *node)
bool selectRoot ()
Queries for Attributes
const DlgPointbottomRight () const
DlgPoint center () const
int height () const
const DlgPointtopLeft () const
int width () const
int x () const
int y () const
Member access
bool changed ()
bool displayed ()
DlgModuleEntryentry ()
std::vector< DlgNode * > & getNodes ()
DlgPointoffset ()
DlgModuleparent ()
int & serial ()
void setChanged (bool c=true)
void setDisplayed (bool displayed)
void setParent (DlgModule *parent)
void setState (mode_type state)
mode_type state ()
KBTraversetraverse ()
Various geometrical Tests
bool contains (const DlgRect &rect)
bool contains (const DlgPoint &point)
Module drawing
void draw (GdkPixmap *surface, DlgPoint &offset, GtkWidget *widget)
void initShape (const DlgPoint &center)
Filename and Path retrieval
std::string fullName ()
std::string & name ()
std::string path ()
std::string relativeName ()
std::string shortName ()
Node retrieval
DlgModulegetModule (int id)
DlgNodegetNode (int id)
DlgNodegetNode (int mid, int nid)
DlgModuletoplevel ()
Loading / Saving
bool load ()
void loadSubdialogue ()
void save (std::ofstream &file)
bool save (std::string &path, std::string &name)
Methods for graph traversal
DlgNodenext (query_type pos, int offset=1)
DlgNodeprev (query_type pos, int offset=1)
Node removal
void removeNext (DlgNode *node)
void removePrev (DlgNode *node)

Protected Member Functions

DlgNodegetNode (std::list< DlgNode * >::iterator &it, std::list< DlgNode * > &lst, query_type &pos, int &offset)
void init (DlgPoint &a, DlgPoint &b)

Protected Attributes

DlgPoint bottom_right
bool changed_
bool displayed_
DlgModuleEntry entry_
int index_
int mid_
mode_type mode_
std::list< DlgNode * >::iterator n
std::string name_
std::list< DlgNode * > next_
int nid_
std::vector< DlgNode * > nodes
DlgPoint offset_
std::list< DlgNode * >::iterator p
std::string path_
std::list< DlgNode * > prev_
int serial_
mode_type state_
DlgPoint top_left
KBTraverse traverse_
node_type type_
std::string uid_

Private Member Functions

void init ()

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